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New beginnings…

Something went wrong with my website over the weekend.  When I checked in with the tech support of my theme provider – turns out it was caused by a “global update to the JQUERY”. (Does anyone actually know what that means??). Basically it stopped all of my menus from dropping down, meaning no-one could get to the galleries, nor could my clients see their previews. In the back end, I couldn’t do a thing either. So I followed the instructions (to the letter) and diligently backed up my site and my database & then re-installed the theme files.  Nothing Happened. Not a thing.

This got me thinking. I’ve procrastinated re-doing my website (I was supposed to so it in April last year), and this issue just reminded me that it’s about time. In my enthusiasm to install my new theme, I broke my website. It is no longer.  I don’t even have a screen grab of what it looked like (note to self – take screen grabs). It was good for a time, but this site will be better. I’ve committed to myself I will blog more often.  It might be random (much like this post), but I’ll enjoy it.  I hope you like my new website.  Please feel free to tell me what you think. I really do love feedback!


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